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Sunshine Mako Orthobot for Total Hip, Total Knee, Partial Knee Surgery

Sunshine Mako Orthobot, the first 4th generation Mako robot for joint replacement surgeries, is here to assist surgeons with precision-led Knee Replacement and Hip Replacement surgeries. It is the only robot with a stereotactic robotic arm and haptic feedback guidance which will help in performing Total Hip, Total Knee and Partial Knee replacement surgeries with 100% accuracy.

Mako Orthobot is a breakthrough solution for people suffering from painful arthritis of the knee or hip. The robotic arm helps surgeons plan and perform a joint replacement surgery with precision. No matter your age or what you do, whether you are housewife, a sportsperson, or a somebody in the mid-life phase, let Mako Orthobot help you get back on your feet. Mako Robot-assisted surgery offers the following advantages:

  •  Less invasive
  •  Faster recovery
  •  100% accuracy
  •  Less pain

How robot-assisted surgery by Sunshine Mako Orthobot is superior

Less invasive

Mako Orthobot is designed to minimize the margin of error as it ensures 100% micro-precision cuts. This surgery minimizes soft tissue impact resulting in positive functional outcomes.

Less pain

Mako Orthobot ensures accurate implant sizing and less post-operative pain. By opting for this surgery, you can walk on the day of surgery under your doctor’s supervision.

Faster recovery

Mako Orthobot is superior to traditional surgery as it ensures lowered blood loss and tissue damage, hence speedy recovery. Unlike the traditional surgery, that disturbs muscle and tendons and can even leave a longer scar.

100% accuracy

In a traditional surgery, the incision can be 10-12 inch long and so make take longer time to recover. Whereas in a Mako Robot-assisted surgery, the incision is 3-4 inch only.

Certified Surgeons




Success Rate


Mako Robot in Hyderabad

Certified team of surgeons for robot-assisted joint replacements

Dr. A.V. Guruva Reddy

Chairman & Chief Joint Replacement Surgeon

Managing Director

Dr. Adarsh Annapareddy

Consultant Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon

Executive Director

Dr. Kushal Hippalgaonkar

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon (Joint Replacement and Arthroscopy)

Executive Director

Dr. A.B. Suhas Masilamani

Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon

Our patient-guests speak

Have a question?
We have the answer.

  • What is the age group to undergo robot-assisted surgery?
    There is no age limit as such to undergo such a surgery.
  • Who does the surgery, doctor or robot?
    While the surgery and the decision-making is of the operating surgeon, the Mako Orthobot will only assist the doctor, thus bringing accuracy to experience.
  • How is it minimally invasive?
    Mako Orthobot is designed to minimize the margin of error as it ensures 100% micro-precision cuts.
  • Is it a trustworthy technology from a good company?
    Mako Orthobot comes from Stryker, one of the world's leading medical technology companies here to make healthcare better.
  • How is it better than traditional surgery?
    Mako Orthobot is superior to traditional surgery in several ways: it enables personalized pre-operative surgical plan for every patient; ensures accurate implant sizing; lowered blood loss and tissue damage; less post-operative pain and speedy recovery.
  • How quickly will I be discharged?
    You could be discharged in anywhere between 24 and 48 hours.
  • Will I have scars after the surgery?
    You may have temporary scars due to sutures, which will go away after a few days.
  • Is the recovery process a painful one?
    Yes, but extremely negligible.
  • Will I need professional help to recover after going home?
    You will need help and support of a family member or a care-taker for a few days after the surgery.
  • Can I walk immediately after being discharged?
    Yes, in fact, depending on the progress made after the surgery, your doctor will make you walk with some support.
  • Is it only applicable for Knee replacement?
    Mako Orthobot is for both Knee (Total and Partial) and Hip Replacement.
  • How risky is robotic joint replacement surgery?
    The risk involved is very minimal.
  • What is the success rate as compared to the traditional surgery?
    You can say, almost 100%.